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Organisational Operating System - 

Do you have an operating system that can inject you to a true leadership orbit? Have you ever took inventory of your operating system and how strong to fight with bugs and virus? We design, organize, operate and monitor custom-built operating systems that have changed many lives; they discovered freedom from their day-to-day mundane activities and empowered their team to succeed. They discovered a definite growth in a tough customer place. We provide a practical, powerful yet simple operating system known as leadership module of value creation for total transformation. If you are looking to get into the higher orbit from already achieved success, then this is the time to look into your operating system that defines you, your leadership virtues and clarity of future.
We invite you to be the part of our effective organizational transformation module “Excellence”. Applying its core principles, you could identify and eliminate all of your virus and bugs k…
The truth of our life is we are dealing with the world on moment-to-moment basis. When we are dealing with the world on moment to moment to basis, we are expected to deal with emotional disturbances of our own and others. However, if we deal all those things that we encounter by striking harmony, we need not worry about emotional disturbance.   

What causes emotional disturbance? When we don’t love or like what we do, then what we do causes nothing but disturbance. When we live a life of likes and dislikes, we suffer nothing but emotional disturbance. Let us ask ourselves, what is that we are doing? Do we like what we get or We get what we like? We may like something, but at the same time if what we like that leaves a trace of guilty or sad then we are subject to emotional disturbance. We may love to have alcohol, but in our culture and society there is also a stigma attached to it. Hence, the person taken to alcohol is bound to feel guilty and ones home will not have happiness. It wil…
Balanced Parenting - 
Once Guruji went to a prison to teach Yoga and Meditation. There were about fifty prisoners and four wardens. Guruji spent few hours interacting with each one of them. Later he begins teaching Yoga and Meditation. The event went on for more than a month. The warden was closely monitoring prisoners behavior.
Prisoners do something, which the warden would tell whether it is right or wrong. The warden would say well and reward the prisoner with a smile if he does something that the warden expected, otherwise we would punish.
While concluding the event, the chief of the prison came and asked Guruji, Guruji, how are my prisoners, are they a reformed lot?

Guruji replied, “Your prisoners are dependent on the warden and his control to regulate their actions. They have lost their capacity to self-learn and self-regulation, they are totally dependent. They are mere puppet in the hands of the warden. I am surprised, who the warden is and who the prisoner is”.
DECIDING TO CHANGE a habit, attitude or personal situation does not automatically bring about the change desired. The decision to make the change is only the wish or intention. Further choice is required in order to effect a change in our value system. We have learned that our goal is the mental picture of what we want. When we write down the goal, it becomes an affirmation. 
An affirmation is simply a statement of fact or belief that is written out in a personal, positive, present tense form as though the goal were already a reality. When we write out our affirmations, we deliberately manage our likes and dislikes by directing the visual picture to the end result we want.
The process of doing this is called imprinting. Imprinting is the deliberate control and direction through the vivid use of imagery of the kind of changes we want to make. The imprinting occurs when our mind accepts the new visual image of the end result.
Dancing in the rain!

If you would like to lead a life free of indecision, uncertainty, confusion, anxiety, stress and fear…then sign-in to our interactive one-on-one (in person or online) coaching and mentoring sessions – “Dancing in the rain”
When it rains, we have had our own reservation to dance in the rain. Some may have one or more than one reasons. These reservations put us down. Some reasons have been hidden, buried and undetected for years. Each reason or excuse intrudes into our lives. Some are the thoughts of self-doubt, self-criticism and so on. These reasons have been manifesting since years. Some are related to our personal, few are related to family and few are related to professional life. Unfortunately, some excuses come with us regardless of where we go and let us not allow dancing in the rain. 

These excuses, reactions or reasons manifest in the form of fear, anxiety, stress or inhibition. Few come in the form of hurt or guilt. They appear unannounced and occupy key p…
I accept you Mr. Fear, my friend!
Most of us are affected by fear. It is being part of human. Many received unhealthy patterning from their family or origin, education or other authority. Someone might have manipulated us to fit into what they wanted us to be, and not who we really are. Often, we then assume the role of being our own judge and critic. We use our own thoughts, speech and actions to prolong the unhealthy influence. We like to continue to be controlled by false beliefs and patterns from childhood.
Fear blocks the creative flow. It is one of our biggest obstacles, Fear of being wrong, failure, fear of success, or the unknown are defences against creativity and spontaneity. We must first acknowledge our fears in order to face them. Fear arises from sensing the presence of danger whether real or imagined.
When we look at fear right in the eye, it will not seem big. When we can see it, move it, or hear it, we may then recognise when we allow negativity into our imagination. If…
To make a choice to mature emotionally –
To mature emotionally is a process that one has to initiate. It does not happen automatically, like physical maturity. Since we are enjoying a faculty of choice; we have to choose to mature emotionally. One will not mature emotionally without making a choice. The choice made to mature emotionally is intelligent choice. 
This faculty to choose is so powerful that we seek some ends as the ultimate end - to be happy. We select to be secure and perform in line with our understanding of security. This security we see in different point of views. Some time we go for emotional security, some time we go for social and economical security. We go for a secure relationship, recognition, power etc… Accomplishing which we feel totally secure. We select to have pleasures and hence go for sensory pleasure, intellectual pleasure etc… Some time we look for a form of satisfaction emerging out of harmony, pleasure derived out of helping and sharing some one in nee…
Creating a family of values!
An old father went to live with his son, daughter-in-law, and the grand child. The father is so old that his hands were trembling, his eyesight was blurred, and his step faltered. Once, while having his dinner, the elderly grandfather’s shaky hands and failing sight made eating difficult for him. Rice rolled off his spoon onto the floor. When he grasped the glass, water spilled on the tablecloth.
The son and daughter-in-law became irritated with the mess. “We must do something about our old father,” said the son. “I’ve had enough of his spilled milk, noisy eating, and food on the floor.”  So the husband and wife set a small table in the corner. There, the old father ate alone while the rest of the family enjoyed dinner on the family table. Since the old father had broken a dish or two, his food was served in a wooden bowl!  Sometimes he had a tear in his eye as he sat alone. Still, the only words the couple had for him were sharp admonitions when he dropped …
The true tree is not visible, what is visible is just an apparent tree. The true tree is hidden in the earth. The roots of a tree are the true tree. When we fail to take care of the roots the visible tree will be invisible in no time. Whatever we do or however we show our care and love to the tree is of no use, unless we take care of roots. A tree’s roots are in the earth and from which it gets all the surviving energy. When we take care of the roots, the tree will take care of itself. What is visible as a tree, flowers, fruits, buds, twigs and so on…or the beauty of a tree comes from the root. If roots are the important part of a tree, what is the most important part in our lives – may be brain, heart, lungs or something else is it not?
In our lives, we draw our survival energy from our roots. We are alive because of this, the day we cut from our roots we are dead – do not exist. Our roots are our values; if we fail to discover our roots then we never discover our true purpose of lif…