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We are not simply born as onlookers, doing some work, taking care of family, earning money and so on...we are not born to experience our life situations. 

We are born with the power of choice; to choose to participate in this creation.When we are not participating in this creation, we are by default participating in destruction. In every manner we are related to each other - we are interrelated and henceour participation - “Choice” should help us, our families, our organisations and the whole universe to grow and enlighten. Our choice may help the world to live happily. The world is the world as it is, just because of our “Choice” - let us make choices with the understanding of a responsible participator.
Devadutta, if you want to control your life, it's not possible. That should not be your motive; you must gain a basic understanding of who you are. Our self-image, which is the picture of ourselves that we hold with us, becomes the key to our lives. All our choices, feelings and behavior, and even our abilities, are consistent with this formed picture. 
We literally act out the kind of person that we think that we are. What we need to be aware of is that as long as we hold onto that picture, no amount of willpower, effort, determination or commitment will cause us to be any other way, because we're always going to act like ourselves. To be any other way, we must first look at the cause - the basic pictures that make up our self-image.
Each one of us draw the picture of our own world from our own limited experience and begin to believe that our picture of the world is what the world is all about and this obviously limits our self-growth.

Sreyas meaning seeing things as they really are, it is not a faith or belief. Instead it is the vision and the means to discover knowledge – knowledge of oneself. One can know oneself only with one’s own eye of knowledge. Each one should, by his own effort pursue the path to his vision and discover the purpose of living.
Sreyas – the self-growth initiative has been created to discover the security, happiness and fulfillment within us. It is a set of values that, if followed could help us to live a life of purpose, fulfilment and success.
Sreyas could be a vision and the way of life if one lives up to it. It puts us on the right way with helpful resources by addressing our philosophical, emotional and psychological needs.
“SREYAS” is not a book, set of pep talk, motivational ideas or couple of written papers with words beyond our understanding; it is we, just we and the way we are. It is a view of our life and the way to live our life. It is an effort …
Insight: Bhagavad Githa for Senior Leaders -
Bhagavad Githa is jewel of Vedic Knowledge. Lord Krishna is leading Arjuna, at the battlefield. Arjuna has a duty to discharge; to restore dharma, but encountered with a conflict of the vision and values. Arjuna loses heart as he sees the enemy troops across the great field, made up of friends, relatives, teachers and playmates, everyone he has loved and admired. He sees in their steely and determined faces a mirror of himself: a reflection of his own thoughts and action.
Until that moment, he never really questioned his values; he came face to face with his belief system. He directly saw his likes and dislikes clear for the first time - personal gain, personal glory, desire for power - he realizes helplessness, desire and anger were what had been motivating him throughout his entire life. Horrified, he was disarmed. Thinking the only way to renounce his anger and desire was to drop his weapons, lead a life of renunciation and refuse to figh…
To live successfully and realize the purpose of life, one has to learn. It is the art of learning that makes living meaningful. Values stands for collection of qualities of the mind in the presence of which, in a relative measure, learning can take place and become the learning mind. In the absence of values learning does not take place, no matter how adequate is the teacher or how authentic is the teaching. Learning, clarifying, assimilating and living values is an essential aspect of learning.
Between us and our vision, the mind exists. A prepared or learning mind alone can make us accomplish our vision and the purpose. If the learning mind is so important, then what prepares our mind or what makes the mind learn? Ability to make the mind learn lies with values; values alone can prepare the mind for knowledge. Values can be defined as a state of mind that reflects certain universal values and ethical attitudes. Only learning, clarifying, assimilating and living values help to prepare…