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Jealousy can destroy oneself!

Once, when Karna realized hat Arjuna was superior to him in archery, he approached Guru Drona and requested him to teach him how to be blessed with Brahmastra. 

Guru Drona declined saying he can't teach any but a learned scholar rooted in dhrma or a kshatriya who had purified himself by dhrma and dhyana. 

Disappointed Karna went to the Mahendra parvatha where sage Parashurama was staying. He deceived Parashurama by saying that he was a brahmana and became his disciple. From him he obtained instruction in archery and the use of many astras.

Karna chose to approach Guru Drona for Brahmastra not for peace, but to prove his strength over Arjuna. His choice was plagued by likes and dislikes like jealousy. Where he had a choice to appreciate Arjuna, which he could not because of his likes and dislikes of not accepting others as more knowledgeable. He deceived Parashurama, because he wanted to learn something special by which he could prove that he is more superior to Arjuna. Karna in Mahab…

Present in the present!

The outer world is the reflection of our inner world. We all are responsible for the condition of this world. When we change our inner world, the outer world changes without effort. Therefore, let us change the world by changing ourselves. 

When our thoughts, words and deeds are healthy, our reflection in the mirror is healthy. When our thoughts, words and deeds are unhealthy, we may want to break all the mirrors. The mirror is honest, it reflects exactly what is in front of it. 

When we develop healthy thoughts, words and deeds - our reflection, the world becomes healthy. The world outside is a mirror to ourselves because the world outside is ruled and determined by the condition of our own inner world. 

Let us clean our inner world!

When we feel that nobody loves or respects us what should we do?

When you feel none loves you, better you respect everyone, accept everyone, love everyone beyond limitations and boundaries. What you give will comes back. When you love others, the love comes back to you. When you start accepting people as they are, you start recognising that people have started accepting you. 

Don't look for anyone's permission, authority or approval to express your love and acceptance. Rain your love all around, let it spread. Love means, to love without expecting any returns. Your expectation in no more than to love, to be honest in that act. 

Radiate love so that when people come, they should feel that love, experience that love. As, a piece of paper catches fire when it is kept near fire, people should experience love when they come near to you. This is how you can transform the world around you. 

When you transform the world around you with love and acceptance what recognise is nothing but peace.

Attitude -

If there is some remedy for the illness, let us find it out immediately. But if you con't find any remedy, then why keep on worrying for nothing. 

Be with people, so that they can accomplish great things!

In Ramayana, we read about the episode of search for Mother Sitha, when she was abducted by Ravana and most of the vanara chiefs, like Angada, Hanuman, Jambavantha etc.. were despatched southwards, knowing well that Ravana's Lanka was situated in that direction. When these people reached the sea-shore, they were confused as to how to cross the vast expanse of the sea and who amongst them could accomplish this feat?

Jambavantha approached Hanuman saying - "Hanuman, why are you standing so silently? You are the one and only one who can easily do this task as you are the son of pawana - wind and you have the knowledge of the rays of the sun, which you can easily harness in your aid, to carry you through across the sea. You can easily carry out this mission successfully. Therefore, go and we all will be awaiting your return here from Lanka, with the good news of Sita.

These encouraging words instilled confidence in Hanuman, who was able to accomplish the job to the satisfaction of …