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At the very beginning Devadutta failed to accept that he can do certain things; when he came into Gurukula, he had many things in his mind that he can’t do. He thought he can’t even try do some things. Often he thought he is a failure and of no use, no importance and no worth.
After sometime he started trying new things like washing plates and glasses, washing his clothes, folding his bed sheets, respecting others etc… Slowly he overcame his fears of “I can’t do it”. He was pretty much scared of everything; not sure of himself; ridden by self-doubt, that is why he couldn't explore his abilities. But with time as he started knowing himself, he started exploring things. That was the beginning of his self-belief and now when he looks at himself in the mirror he can proudly say "I can do it”.

Just keep on reminding one thing to yourself 'never lose trust and always accept and know that you would be able to make through it no matter how hard it gets – it is true, you need to t…
Once, in the Gurukula, students were sharing a clay pot to keep drinking water. Every day they were pouring fresh water for drinking. One day Devadutta complained to Guruji that the water tasted "Stale". He continued complaining for a few days. Guruji came and checked the pot, he drank the water and could not find any “Stale” taste; the water really tasted fine. In the meantime, Devadutta continued his complaining.
Finally, Guruji figured out the problem and the problem was actually in Devadutta’s cup. Devadutta simply forgot to clean his cup. Guruji cleaned Devadutta’s cup, and gave him a cup of water. Devadutta drank the water with no problem.
Later Guruji said “Devadutta, check your cup and clean it. When you clean your cup, the water will taste much better”.
The most effective way to create and sustain healthy relationships is to take full responsibility for the relationship, “Acceptance” makes relationship learning, growing and enlightening.

Practicing “Acceptance” is not natural for most of us. It takes real commitment to the relationship and a good dose of self-discipline to think, act and give totally. Each of us must determine the relationships to which this principle should apply. For most of us, it applies to others and not to ourselves; seldom have we applied to ourselves.
What you can do to make the relationship work? We know what we can do, however not doing is the key. In many occasions we fail to demonstrate respect and kindness to the others, we think whether they deserve it or not; we express only if they deserve. We invite and allow anything the other person says or does (no matter how annoying!) to affect us. We are not persistent with our graciousness and kindness. Often we give up too soon, especially when others don…
What is your true name?

If you have not found your true home it is difficult for you to have a true name. Your name should give you the feeling of being at home. Society, family and people around label you and give you a name. Whether you feel at home with that name? Sometimes you are not happy with and thus feel uncomfortable and you don’t feel at home. So the name others give you is not the true name. You should have a true name. Have you discovered your true name?
Birthday is to begin anew. To begin anew is to look deeply and honestly at yourselves to discover your true name - your choices in thinking, speech and action. Discovering your true name is to create a fresh beginning within yourselves and in your relationships with the rest. Celebrate your birthday to clear your mind of different names you own up and keep yourself fresh and growing with your true name. Every birthday is an opportunity to begin anew to discover your true name.
Beginning anew helps you to bring in kindness an…
We can grow in a relationship when we accept responsibility for our choices. By accepting the responsibility for our thoughts and actions we allow people to be as they are. We neutralize our demand for people to be, as we like and dislike, now by relating to people in a relationship as they are we achieve certain degree of maturity and to this degree we have grown. Relationship is total when we grow and discover freedom in it.
We have to understand our response toward others behaviour and others response toward our behaviour with a degree of certain maturity. We are mature for some extent if we understand others response as a behaviour helplessly dictated by their likes and dislikes, which has its roots either in the past or in the future; hurt or guilt. We are successful or free in a relationship when we relate to this fact and not with this person. Due to our failure in establishing healthy relationships, pleasing people or listening to people consume our entire life, thus there is …
What Are We Telling Ourself?

Often we say, “It is difficult”“It is not possible”“All are waiting to hurt me”“I am a failure” and so on. We seldom recognise, "It's a great day and I feel great”. “I am good”. “I am successful”. Our attitudes and values counts a lot. Our values keep us engage achieving what we would really value as valuable. If our belief is that we are not good, we keep believing that we are not good, we lose our self-image, become miserable. As long as we keep believing that way, we keep getting worst. The way out is to question our belief system and value ourselves as successful. 
When we change our likes and dislikes and change our beliefs and accept (value) that we are good and valuable, then our beliefs will be the very thing that will support us in losing our wrong understanding. When we say  “Nothing is working our way, we tried hard. Whatever we do that all fails”. With such belief system if we work for hundred times, nothing works. It doesn't work be…
We want violence to end in the world, peace to prevail. We wage wars to end violence; violence outside is the image of violence inside. Violence inside making us fight and prove that we are right. The violence outside does not end till our inner violence is healed. No change in the outside world can be expected unless our inner world is re-engineered. Our unquestioned likes and dislikes are our inner-world.
Our unquestioned likes and dislikes are best friends of ours. We work hard to be in line with our likes and dislikes. People who don’t accept our unquestioned likes and dislikes become our enemies; we put them down, find fault with them and hate them. We do it in our personal, family and professional lives.
We take care of our likes and dislike so hard that, we add colours, draw lines and curves, add sound and embellish them so as to market it. We exaggerate situations, seek attention, manipulate things, express insecurity to make people accept our likes and dislikes – compel them t…
Great personality is built one brick at a time. 
Indian family structure has been changing; now people value individual needs as an important part of family life. Despite having value conflict we do not hire a mentor to get freedom from conflicts. We could have made astonishing growth by having coach and mentors for personal growth. We are hiding a violent secret: the disease of loneliness, rejection and insecurity. We are allowing it to consume our personal, family and professional life.
Families are breaking; no more values are valuable for us. Relationships are being lost, people becoming silent and dejected, friends and relatives are being vanished, creativity is stopped, medicines with fancy names are occupying our wardrobes, escaping has become a normal trend. Many have become the victim of loneliness disease. No one knows the person next to us may be the victim. Yet another wasted life!
In India since 2001 the antidepressant drugs market has witnessed a raise of more than 525%; m…