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Once Guruji having his morning walk on the beach, where it will be a normal site to see homeless children playing on the beach. Upon enquiry, he found that some families are earning few rupees a day and few are nothing.
Immediately, Guruji initiated a morning discourse on parenting on the beach. Initially it was a small group to start with. That started growing and after on hour it was a big group on the beach listening to Guruji on parenting. In this discourse Guruji could collect few hundred Rupees as donation or as Guru dakshina. So when Guruji got some money from his initiative, he made a point to spend a few extra Rupees to get some life essential medicines, food or blanket and clean drinking water for them. Guruji went around the families on the beach and distribute.

Guruji wanted us to learn to share and be thankful with what we have. We may not have much bit, however, seeing people smile will always be worth it. It makes us rich by manifold inside.

My blanket...

How big is my blanket? 

We are used to throw a blanket over every painful situation. We fail to deal with; we spend our life in denial and not in acceptance mode. This situation is similar like spreading a clean bed sheet neatly covering up a lot of junk. It would be a lot of bother to reorganize the whole thing, so we just cover it up. We cannot accept it because it looks ugly and thus we want everything to look nice for appreciation and recognition.This is exactly what we do in our lives. We deny anything that is painful and, to do this, we have all sorts of devices. We use a huge blanket to cover-up all that looks ugly. Are we not presenting a makeup mask by hiding all that we don’t like? Perhaps it was the right thing to do at that time, but it becomes a trait afterwards. It is difficult to accept to do the right things; but it is worth doing.
Long ago when I came in contact with my Guruji, I couldn't tell myself that I can do this and that; few good things. I was under the impression that even by doing or trying I wont be able to do something worthwhile. Slowly I started trying few things like choosing new things; different adventurous things and especially overcoming my fears, inhibitions, resistances and judgments. I started experimenting with my choices.
I was pretty much scared of everything that is why I couldn't explore my creative energy. But my stay with Guruji change me a lot, as I started knowing myself in the mirror of Guruji’s insights, I started exploring things, evolving as a person, thinking Guruji is there with me. That was the beginning of my self-belief and now when I look at myself in the mirror I can proudly say, “This is me – The unbelievable me”.
I learnt to keep on reminding one thing to myself “Devadutta, never lose hope; Trust that you would be able to make through it no matter how hard it …
Guruji, how do we stop the sabotage?
Devadutta, you may discover, to what extent you pay attention to your thoughts and internal dialogue – self-talk. When you hear your inner voice say anything limiting or unhealthy, stop and replace that thought with what you really are, and trust you deserve it. You have to take action into making that a reality. Act as if it were already true. When you do this, you realize that you are serious about making a change, and you will assist you into getting what you really want. It will take a little time to start manifesting, but you will see a difference. Changing your thoughts, words and actions results in changing your life. Basically you get what you give. If you sow healthy things and desires, you will receive them in abundance.
Dig deep to determine what you want in your life before you can begin achieving it your way. Be specific about what you want and when you want it. Give yourself a timeline for your goal. Spend time thinking and daydreami…