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Early childhood education

It’s really inspiring to learn about early childhood education; that’s too values in early childhood. Where exploring is so valued and children don’t experience any formal instruction until the age of seven. Parents have to negotiate challenging trend that the pressure to teach academic subjects and skills that bring them marks to young children.
Over the years, our education system has been dominated by standards, marks and tests, by the gathering of endless amounts of data collected to prove that teachers are doing their job and kids are learning. But these hyper requirements have oppressed teachers and drained the creativity and joy from learning for students. Unfortunately, this misguided approach to education has now reached down to our youngest (00 to 07 years)

At home, in kindergartens and pre-K classrooms we’ve seen a dramatic change: A systematic environment that brings more and more instructions and information’s and less in experiments. There are fewer activity centers i…
We create abundant success only when we are aligned with universal laws. These laws never fails, we may succeed or fail, depending on our alignment with these laws. Success do not fall at our feet, when we are aligned with these laws, we create success for us.
The learning mind is the key to all success; what we think, speak and do, we ultimately become. When we master our thoughts, words and deeds, we master our own destiny. Our fear, disappointment, tension, insecurity are self-created and self-imposed destructive forces brought about by our unhealthy practices of thinking, speaking and doing. 
Eveil thoughts and right thoughts can’t occupy the same space at the same time - one or the other must dominate. What dominates decides the course of our lives; well being, success or failure. The mind is the key to the demonstration of health, happiness. love, inner peace....indeed the accomplishment of everything that makes our lives beautiful and purposeful. 
We are totally responsible for wh…