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You can make a difference in contributing to make your children emotionally mature! 
It is important for parents and caregivers to implement certain learning factors at home. It is important to learn all about children and child development, understanding and accepting a child without being judgment may help improve our attitudes.
It is important to remain connected with children; this could be through few family events and meets, going on a walk, playing games, reading a book together, having food together or engaging in any other activities as a family. Have friends who are emotional mature. Manage stress in a healthy way. Take time for yourself to re-engineer your values and attitudes. Discover your masks and the truth about you. Ensure that you are leaving your child with people that you trust will care for your child as you would.

Learn how to support family and friends during difficulties and stressful times and encourage them to seek help when necessary. See something what is tru…
We have imprisoned ourselves in jails of our own mind; likes and dislikes are the judge. We have sentenced ourselves to life imprisonment. We live the lives of fear, desperation and insecurity. It is the worst kind of punishment we are doing to our own lives. It is violence - the result of not living values.

We aim to live through the better moment; in that mission we try all tricks, gimmicks and put total effort to wear masks of different colours. End of the day, we make a life of dishonest; we miss the glorious moment and every moment; slip into the past or future. In this way, we miss most of our lives. Our cumulative dishonesty have cost us and the others. Namely, those who have respect, love and care for us - living with the mask continues.... our aim to live the better moment too continues!
Convert all your “No” to “Yes”
Your “No” is not necessary for your children. “No” is a word to be used in moderation, it is powerful enough to destroy self-image and bring helplessness in your children.
What if you learn to turn all your “No” to “Yes”? When your child does something and you don’t like that your “No” comes quite often. The child realizes the power the word “No” carries and starts using it to assert himself. Whenever we say “No” we are reminding our child that we are the boss and the decision makes. And at the same time, it puts the child in a defensive position and therefore may try to defy us even more.
“No, I can’t … and Yes, I can …” are two different expressions. “No, I can’t help you. And Yes, I’ll help you as soon as I’m done with my work” are different. They have the different experience on us. Our “No” can make our children prefer not to ask for help and manage on their own instead of risking rejection. They might miss out on something they actually needed.
Do we have the strength to use the power within us?
Yes, the power within us, we all have a unique power, which we can use to create our life purposefully. We have the power to will, the power to act and the power to know. Life is in balance only if these powers are in balance. Our power to will and power to act leads us to know and understand things better: power to know. Similarly, wherever there is power to know, power to will and power to act follows. Whole life is surrounded by these energies or power. We exhibit that energy which is predominant in us.
If we have right knowledge and will, the right action automatically follows. We get right knowledge only if we have a right will. It is a very rare opportunity to have balanced powers.
To survive as a successful human being “Healthy Self-Image” is very essential. It is our understanding of self-worth. Life can be enormously painful, if we think we are not worthy and carry an unhealthy estimation. Self – image is the picture of ourselv…