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Which wolf are you feeding?

Devadutta was a good swimmer. A high performer in Gurukula, music, sports, and life in general, his performance had been dipping as of late. And worse, he was developing a reputation as a “poor performer”.As a high achiever, he was having trouble living up to his own expectations, and becoming quite unhealthy in his personality and demeanour.
Once, Guruji explained to his young disciples that within every person there are two wolves in a constant battle. The bad wolf is full of desires, anger, passion, greed, ego, jealously and fear, while the good wolf is full of hope, happiness, love and faith. The young Devadutta asked “But Guruji, who wins?” To which the Guruji replied “The one you feed.”

Devadutta liked this story and his mantra became “Feed the good wolf.”He recognized that the doubts in his thoughts were not serving him well, and weren’t even his own. So he decided that every time a unhealthy came up, he said “That’s not me, feed the good wolf” and r…
We wish we could let free certain types of thoughts, have been struggling to drop them. We feel uncomfortable and suffocating in presence of such thoughts. Day in and day out, year after year our effort has been to let these thoughts free from our mind. However, when we dare to question these thoughts truthfully, they drop and let us free – they drop.
You are walking through the walking paths of a park and it is a beautiful evening; sun setting and a perfect time to put lights on. You look down and see a big snake, and you are terribly terrified of the snake. You jump back, your heart is racing, your pulse is beating, you are paralyzed with fear, sweat on your brow. Then the lights are on and you look again, and it is not a snake after all – it is a rope.
Now imagine standing upon the rope for one hundred years and make yourself afraid of it again and again. You can’t. This is self-realization. You have realized for yourself what is true. You can never be afraid of that rope again. Tha…
Choice is ours - We can choose to see solutions, where problems are - 

Just because we can't see a solution for our problems it does not mean that it does not exist. If we tell ourself that there is no way to expand our personality, family relationship, professional life, we focus on the problem instead of the solution. We can use our mind to help us gain answers and solutions, or we can use the same mind to come up with unlimited problems. The choice is always there, and the choice is always ours forever.
When we want to buy something, we go for the lowest price. When we buy, we start thinking of different ways to cut back on expenses so that we can save few rupees. We think of cutting back here and there to manage our money. To think this way is our choice, we can choose to think differently to figure out a way to keep what we have and earn more money to buy what you want. We can think of more money coming to us. We can choose to think cutting here and there or earning more money;…
Many thoughts; many thoughts of different nature makes the mind. Mind is the mind; whatever it is, it is it’s nature. What we do with the mind matters a most. Mind is like a restless child; want to know, enquire, experiment and so on. When a thought happens, it is our choice to accept it or deny it. Whatever we choose that will happen. Questioning the thought before accepting or resisting is important for a healthy living. When we do not question, the mind comes with it’s own story, picture and narration to prove it. It works hard to prove it’s story.

We are not available to question our thoughts; we believe them, trust them and because of that we suffer from them. The mind comes with it’s own stories and coloured pictures, which we accept without questioning. We need to learn to deal with our thoughts as though they were our children. The need is to sit with the mind that is agitated and disturbed.

When we question our thoughts and discover the truth of it, the mind can relax. Often…
The first step is to relax, we must come to a point of physical and emo­tional relaxation. A tense person simply cannot produce effective results. A disturb person can’t have a happy or learning mind. No matter how well you learn the techniques, the inner disturbance will nullify the words we speak and do, because there is a conflict between what we are saying and what we are feeling and doing. 
It would be in our best interest to learn how to fully relax our mind and body for every moment each day. One easy and effortless way to do this is through a process of breathing and observing. Before we begin, stretch out our body and concentrate on observing our body.  Then, sitting upright in a chair with eyes closed, start to inhale and exhale in a slow, comfortable rhythm.  Now, work­ing through the arms, hand, and shoulders, back and abdom­inal areas, and our thighs, calves and feet, flex our muscles by squeezing them and letting them go. 
Whatever method we choose, it is essential that we…
The truth of the matter is, we are the creators, we are the cause, of our life situations. We are the cause of our own life, and we are the ones responsible for either having or not having things in abundance. Before a change can be made, we must own that responsibility. If we are feeling stuck, not progressing, it is because we are serving our unhealthy thoughts. We are not choosing rightly. It is like creating a monster. If we create the monster, eventually the monster turns on us; if we create lack and limitation in our con­sciousness, eventually it robs us of our ability to choose rightly. 
We build our lives aroundour image, limitations and likeness. So essentially we are wearing beautiful masks. One way to look at this is to think of the universe as one big copy machine that continually duplicates our likes and dislikes. Our mistakes stem not from any inherent flaw in our being, but from our ignorance. Since ignorance is our problem, it stands to reason that our task is to drop o…
I’ll be happy when......
We think and expect outer circumstances to determine our state of happiness. We are sure it can make us happy. If we say, "I'll be happy when . . . ," we will never be happy. 
Suppose we think a new job will change our life. So we get a new job and pretty soon it is the same old stuff; we have to deal with people, handle responsibility, meet deadlines and work with others who are not as enlightened as us. That is the reality of it. We then realize that this job didn't affect any qualitative change, so we have to find something else to make us happy. Maybe we think a new mate, a new home, having a baby, or making more money will change our life. And so eventually we get all those things, and we are still not happy. The process of becoming happy day we leave with utter unhappiness. Whole life we lived in becoming happy; thinking it is a process of becoming. The reason is simple. Nothing outside of ourselves will ever make us ha…
I am wonderful as a parent -  Parenting is the time to stand up for my own self-growth and support myself to think, speak and do things that makes me grow and not simply age. I never complain my parents, I give myself all that what my parents couldn’t give me. While raising my children, I prefer to understand what childhood my parents had. My contribution to my children while parenting them is to do the best for my parents, love them as they are and accept them as they are.

Family values - People are afraid of me, all have made me such a terrible thing to accept. They always fight with me. Though I am normal and natural they refuse to accept me. I am like this, that does not mean I have to feel and think sick. People suggest me to be hooked up to wires and tubes all around. I know how to leave with dignity, when my time comes - I want to live and leave peacefully, people around have a different plan for me. I am old age!

Mind is the instrument in hand, it is our choice to manage the string not too loose, not too tight, but just right - 

Emotions are energy too, when they flow the most they hurt the least. Make a choice to let it flow out of us like a river.
The ability to think and reason depends upon the knowledge and can be influenced by emotions. We can not accept any kind of disharmony, whenever we are in such situations we try to over come it by one or the other means. Because disharmony cant be accepted and it is not our nature. We look for harmony around us. Therefore when we are in harmony with the situation, we look for comforts. If we are not harmony with the situations then we are in harmony with the stress. Any thing causes disharmony that causes anxiety and tension. Since tension and anxiety are not our original nature, we can’t accept it and hence we can’t leave with anxiety and tension for a long period. It becomes very difficult to deal with and so mind starts doing something about it.