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Ramayana gives us an insight into family values. Understanding and living in interdependence ensures family harmony. In an ideal family environment parents assume the role of a mentor to their children. They treat children as their equal and equal opportunities for all. Children are encouraged to participate in decision making. Children accept elder’s decision and fulfill their vision.
Children are of four categories. The noblest one is who anticipates parents and elders desires and needs and acts to their full satisfaction without being told. The second category is action oriented, who obeys the commands of his parents and elders and never questions him. The third is one who acts only if he is told. He will raise questions and resentments, however, finally do what elders say. The fourth category is one who is not worth mentioning. They disobey, do exactly opposite of what is wanted and considered good and even harmful to the family.
Sri Rama was one who belonged to the first category.…
Joy of living...
Our deepest reason for joy is in knowing we are the ultimate best without any room for the second. 
When we know we are the best, whatever we do that ultimately becomes the best. When we serve people with this attitude, the service becomes the ultimate worship. Our ability to hold an intention to be in service shapes our overall attitude towards life in many ways.  A greater sensitivity and awareness of situations, a commitment to harmlessness, a willingness to put others’ needs before our own and a desire to be in harmony with all transforms our attitude to greater joy.
We do not just exist. We are in service to everything that exists. Everything that exists is in service with the rest. A stone serves no less than a saint.

In service to what exists we discover the ultimate joy! The joy of living.
How are you?
The connection between the mind and body has something to deal with a chronic disease. As technology continues to make remarkable advances and we have so much advantage our ancestors never had. Yet we experience stress and anxiety. Many of us are a totally wounded horse. We have many things to worry; about finances, relationships, health, boss, spouse, children, past and an uncertain future. We feel alone and thus insecure.
These feelings lead us to tangible physical changes in the body. A recent study reveals that the way we exercise our choices like nutrition, environment, exercise, healthy or unhealthy thoughts and emotions affect our DNA. By changing our thoughts we are not only changing our choices but our biochemistry too. Our mind is the best friend and the worst enemy; it can make us sick and can make us well. Our values impact our every cell. How we think, speak and perform matters a lot.
The way we express ourselves affects our well-being. Every thought is in …
A great school and great teachers
What makes a successful school?
We may say it's infrastructure, which includes curriculum, management and the brightest students. True, we think they make a school great. In reality they don’t. In fact, what is the impressive infrastructure of a school? A school can’t become a great school if it doesn’t have great teachers. Teachers make a school successful. They actually lead parents, management, learning methods and students from darkness to brightness.
The success of a schools mission rests with teachers who actually transform its vision into reality. Without the participation of a teacher in learning no student will accomplish their life purpose. If you ask people from different occupation, more than 86% of them say, it is their teachers who set them on success path. Teacher is the one person who inspires us and makes us to believe in our self.
What subject a teacher taught us doesn't matter much. It may have been solving a mathematical proble…