Do we have the strength to use the power within us?

Yes, the power within us, we all have a unique power, which we can use to create our life purposefully. We have the power to will, the power to act and the power to know. Life is in balance only if these powers are in balance. Our power to will and power to act leads us to know and understand things better: power to know. Similarly, wherever there is power to know, power to will and power to act follows. Whole life is surrounded by these energies or power. We exhibit that energy which is predominant in us.   

If we have right knowledge and will, the right action automatically follows. We get right knowledge only if we have a right will. It is a very rare opportunity to have balanced powers. 

To survive as a successful human being “Healthy Self-Image” is very essential. It is our understanding of self-worth. Life can be enormously painful, if we think we are not worthy and carry an unhealthy estimation. Self – image is the picture of ourselves that we hold in our mind; it is a magic key for our success in life. All our actions, feelings, behaviours and abilities are consistent with this formed picture. We literally act out the kind of person that we think that we are.

The main factor that differentiates us from the rest is the awareness of the self: the ability to attach a value to it. We have a capacity to identify what we are and then to judge if we like that identity or not. This likes and dislikes predominantly rules our life. It is one thing to like or dislike something or some objects but it is a different aspect to like or dislike some aspect of our personality. What keeps us moving is our understanding of the way we are.

To protect our understandings and estimation, as we like, we erect barriers of defense around us. We react, when we feel people overpower this barrier. Judging to like or dislike ourselves causes enormous damage to the fabric of our personality. Thus, we engage ourselves in those activities, which prevent us from gaining more pain. We find ourselves avoiding anything that might aggravate the pain of self-rejection in any way. 


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