Once Guruji having his morning walk on the beach, where it will be a normal site to see homeless children playing on the beach. Upon enquiry, he found that some families are earning few rupees a day and few are nothing.

Immediately, Guruji initiated a morning discourse on parenting on the beach. Initially it was a small group to start with. That started growing and after on hour it was a big group on the beach listening to Guruji on parenting. In this discourse Guruji could collect few hundred Rupees as donation or as Guru dakshina. So when Guruji got some money from his initiative, he made a point to spend a few extra Rupees to get some life essential medicines, food or blanket and clean drinking water for them. Guruji went around the families on the beach and distribute.

Guruji wanted us to learn to share and be thankful with what we have. We may not have much bit, however, seeing people smile will always be worth it. It makes us rich by manifold inside.


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