My blanket...

How big is my blanket? 

We are used to throw a blanket over every painful situation. We fail to deal with; we spend our life in denial and not in acceptance mode. This situation is similar like spreading a clean bed sheet neatly covering up a lot of junk. It would be a lot of bother to reorganize the whole thing, so we just cover it up. We cannot accept it because it looks ugly and thus we want everything to look nice for appreciation and recognition. This is exactly what we do in our lives. We deny anything that is painful and, to do this, we have all sorts of devices. We use a huge blanket to cover-up all that looks ugly. Are we not presenting a makeup mask by hiding all that we don’t like? Perhaps it was the right thing to do at that time, but it becomes a trait afterwards. It is difficult to accept to do the right things; but it is worth doing.


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