Your Values: The back bone of your society, organization, family and your life!

Over the last couple of years, We, Anugraha Foundation – The foundation for living values, has been engaged in building a holistic infrastructure on the human resource front to realize a definite leadership aspiration in the global arena. Sreyas, our self – growth initiative, Madhuvarshini, family value initiative, Excellence at workplace, our organizational transformation initiative, are our salutation to the mission of “Living Values” and are milestones of this purposeful journey. And very recently, a new and significant initiative has been launched across the learning to transform horizon wherein we have more sharply associated with people in learning, clarifying, assimilating and living values.

Values define characters and personality; Values guide, shape and influence our behavior, choices and actions. The external world perceives and responds to us based on the way we go about conducting our choices. The world of today is going through a crisis of trust, where the credibility of leaders and the legitimacy of a family, organization and society are subjected to questioning. This scrutiny from people around and action groups, is becoming more stringent every day. In such an environment of skepticism and cynicism our choices alone can inspire confidence.

People are becoming more heterogeneous as they globalize. With every day pass, we meet a significant number of new people with diverse backgrounds, and experience and most importantly, with different expectations. While these developments are exciting, we firmly believe that we need a stronger bond to hold us together to realize the greater good - apart from the time-tested bonds of legacy, heritage, loyalty, and best practices. 

People contribute when they relate and they relate, when they understand. People understand a person, family or an organization through what they stand for and what is important to them, by experiencing the culture that the values create and by using the systems and processes that the values define. In large organizations, such shared understanding cannot be created through the leadership of individuals alone, it requires leadership of principles and conviction — these together constitute what we call the "Values". 

The articulation of a common set of values, enables people to pull in a common direction, gives something they can easily identify with, helps them to find common cause with each other and creates a common sense of purpose. It also takes the assimilation of new employees and cultures easier and faster in periods of rapid growth.

We confront many moments of truth and one thing is very clear that we need a values framework as the foundation for our future, which must have wide ownership, deeper understanding across, larger application, stronger implementation and most critically, be backed by the active personal sponsorship and role modeling of us all. 

Great experiences are never built on the quick sands of opportunism. We reiterate that, if living by our values means, perhaps growing at a pace slower than we would otherwise have liked, so be it. For us, leadership lies at the heart of knowing and performing what we stand for.


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